Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Science - Borax crystals!

This was the equipment we needed to make our borax crystals:

First, we made a shape using a pipe cleaner.
Next, we tied a piece of string to our pipe cleaner shape.
Thirdly, we tied the other end of the string to a pencil so that our pipe cleaner shape could be suspended in the jar.
After that, we put 3 tablespoons of borax into our jars and filled them with boiling water.
Some of us added food colouring to give our crystals colour.
Next we stirred the boiling water until the borax had dissolved.
Finally we suspended our pipe cleaner shape in the jar and waited for the crystals to form.


  1. woo that was sick scince kapi rm 23

  2. Wow Room 23! Your crystals are amazing!
    Where did you find the borax and how did the crystals grow?

  3. Hello .....
    This is Mikey
    I remember doing this last year
    But now I am at SKBS
    Doing other things :)

    1. Hi Mikey!
      Hope you are loving SKBS! Guess what? Miss Jefferd has had a baby! Her name is Ella and she is gorgeous.
      From Mrs Barnes

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