Thursday, September 21, 2017

We've Voted! Have you?

Today in Room 23 we have been voting for the party we want to win the election. Have you voted?
We have been learning all about the election and the policies from each party. We have also celebrated the anniversary of Women's Suffrage Day and made our own white camelias which symbolise this significant issue. See our class election results below! 

National 35.5%
Labour 35.5%
Green 17%
NZ First 6%
Maori 4%
Act 2% 

Anjali has voted!

I wonder who Jed has voted for...

Voting papers reading!


  1. Hi Room 23,

    I can't wait to see how close your election is to the real one on Saturday.

    Mrs Irvine

  2. What was the biggest learning about your classroom election process? Where is the closest polling booth for the people in our community? Looking forward to the results tomorrow!